Attention, returning customers

Dear customers,

Due to a major breakdown of our website a couple of days ago, we have been forced to setup some of our main products with a different setup.


The major changes affect the following products:

Seagull #MAP2
Seagull #MAP-X
Seagull #REC

The change to the above mentioned products are, that You now need to pick the camera cable for these products seperate – they will no longer be included with the product.
Previous is was possible from the above mentioned products, to select “Brand” and “Model” on the products pages, and then the correct cable was automatically found.

This is unfortunately no longer the case !


To try and solve the confusion, we have created an alternative method to find the correct cable.
For #MAP2 and #MAP-X, we have created 2 separate “Cable finder” pages, where from the “Brand”, a selection of cables will be available, from where a list of compatible camera “Models” will be listed below each cable within a “Brand”.

Here is an example of the “Cable finder” pages:


From these pages, it’s possible to add the needed cable directly to cart, or navigate to the product page for a specific cable.


In regards to Seagull #REC, the list of compatible cameras and camcorders can be viewed directly from the #REC product page in the top of the description.
Furthermore all 6 available cables for #REC can also be added to the cart directly from the #REC product page – or navigated to from a link.

Here is an example of the “Compatible camera” viewer and the listed cables for #REC:



We hope to have our “old” and known system up and running before the end of this year.

Sorry for the inconvenience – and please just contact us, if there is any doubt about the right cable for Your application !


Best regards,

The Seagull UAV Team

Seagull UAV

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