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UAV Precision Mapping Trigger


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X … marks the spot !

We are proud to present the very first addition to our precision camera trigger family.


Have you ever experienced missing images after a completed flight

 – and having to redo the complete mission ?


Working within Geomapping, Agricultural analysis, 3D modelling or similar – where you capture hundreds or even thousands of images on a daily or weekly basis ?

We have a perfect solution for you, introducing Seagull #MAP-X and optional telemetry ground station !


#MAP-X gives you precise coordinates of photographs taken and only tags the location if the photograph has been successfully taken. On top of that #MAP-X outputs coordinates of failed photographs, giving you a quick data for re-flying survey points and capture the missing photos.

As well as all of the above #MAP-X generates a .kml file for each flight with all of the “Confirmed” and “Failed” coordinates of pictures, which can be loaded into Google Earth for a quick overview after each flight !

With Seagull #MAP-X you get everything you need to connect your camera to your favorite UAV/Drone platform.
Sync, servo and camera cables are included, as is also GPS antenna, micro SD card etc. – making it really simple to get started !
#MAP-X delivers unbelievable value to your professional mapping jobs, saving both you and your clients time and money, so you can do more jobs in a day.

#MAP-X is controlled by a standard PWM servo signal from your R/C receiver and/or Flight Controllers like 3DR Pixhawk, APM 2.6, DJI Wookong, DJI A2 – and many others with camera support.

A lot of camera brands and models are supported.

Just make the selections from the selector above, and we will configure the correct package for your specific needs and platform needs !


#MAP-X … improve your workflow TODAY !



Intro video

A closer look at Seagull #MAP-X and #TRX

map-x_feature overview


What it does

Seagull #MAP-X features the following functions


AC-T  Auto-focus Custom Trigger ( user defined pre-autofocus time – then trigger )

TL-T  Timelapse Trigger ( user defined time interval 0.5 – 60 sec )

 SS-T  Shoe Sync Trigger ( GPS logging based on hot shoe feedback alone )

 Mission Started/Ended  ( starts and stops the tagging process output )

Camera On/Off  ( only with Sony “MULTI” interfaced cameras ! )


What it supports

The following hardware is supported


  • Flight Controllers: 3DR Pixhawk, APM 2.6, APM 2.5, DJI Wookong, DJI A2, A3 – and others with camera support
  • All R/C radio systems that interfaces with standard PWM signal (almost any radio system)

Watch the Videos on the Support page for more information


What you get

The following is part of this product


1 x Seagull #MAP-X

1 x Hot shoe adapter

1 x GPS antenna ( 50cm cable length )

2 x Servo cables ( 30cm length )

1 x 1GB micro SD card ( w.  fullsize adaptor )

And off course – all the support your could wish for !



What it is

Details for Seagull #MAP-X


Dimensions: 52.0mm x 45.0mm x 12.0mm

Camera cable length: 12-60cm ( varies by cable type )

• Sync cable length: 33cm ( can stretch to ~100cm max )

Weight: 24 grams ( without cables )

Voltage: 4.5 – 15 volts ( 5 volts recommended )

Input signal: Standard R/C PWM servo signal ( between 1000 – 2000uS )


  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Marcin (verified owner)

    I am using Seagull #MAP-X for few months now in my haxacopter. Though, no frequent flying.
    The whole device is quite easy to mount and set up. I do not use #TRX module – having a live preview via hdmi from my camera I can follow the current state of it. I use my flight controller to provide the trigger signal. The only tricky thing is one has to remember to start/stop mission logging via second PWM port from RC controller. I recommend to bound it to throttle channel values not to forget.
    The logging is working well, I receive the GPS/GNSS (NMEA format I guess) record for every shot taken (and only that), so it is easy to correlate subsequent images to the recorded positions.
    The device uses two elastic cables, spring like, to connect to a camera. The cables are not that elastic to provide flawless movements to a gimbal – that is my suspition as I use the solid mount of the camera to a dampening board not a gimbal.

    The whole system is interchangable and easy to relocate to another UAV. I cannot say much about accuracy now, as I am still testing it (first orthomosaic was offset by some 5 meters from its actual position but it also may be due to a camera optical issues).

    Summing up, I am satisfied with the device. It handles its tasks well, is easy to integrate within most of RC systems.

    And last but not least, the Seagull technical support and service is working perfectly – quick, professional, helpful. Thank you guys!

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