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Telemetry add-on for #MAP-X

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With the Seagull #TRX add-on for #MAP-X you will receive live feedback, adding value to your work by knowing if the mission is going as planned, or if adjustments are needed before a successful flight can be executed !


Have you ever experienced missing images after a completed flight

 – and having to redo the complete mission ?


With telemetry feedback – you stay in control !



Do your camera pre-flight sync checks with #MAP-X and have the result shown on #TRX !

Simply connect #TTX which is the telemetry transmitter to your #MAP-X unit, then power up #TRX and #MAP-X. The two units will establish connection and status of #MAP-X will appear on the display of Seagull #TRX. When “Ready for Takeoff” is displayed on #TRX – you are ready to do Mission Start and get flying !


Get information from your #MAP-X directly to #TRX ground module with the current confirmed photos, failed photos, micro SD card status and GPS lock status on top of that #TRX will display the current trigger mode being used by #MAP-X !

Seagull #TRX is powered through a micro USB cable, and can plug into your PC or a USB power bank and be placed in the desired location for an always easy overview of you current mission status.



Just make the selections from the selector above with the desired telemetry frequency and antenna to match your platform needs !


#TRX … saves You and your clients time !



Intro video

A closer look at Seagull #TRX and #MAP-X 


map-x_feature overview


What it does

Seagull #TRX is able to display the following information


Confirmed count of photos triggered with sync feedback from the camera

 Failed count of failed photos without sync feedback or lost GPS lock

 Mission Started/Ended displayed when the functions is activated

Camera On/Off  displayed when the functions is activated ( only Sony ! )

GPS lock warning displayed if #MAP-X looses GPS lock

SD Card warning displayed if card not present, or if error has occurred

Ready for takeoff  displayed when #MAP-X is ready to start a mission


What it supports

The following hardware is supported


  • Only supported for #MAP-X as an add-on
  • Different antennas ( matching the correct frequency of the unit )
  • For more – please have a look at the #MAP-X product page

Watch the Video on the Support page for more information regarding configuration and use !


What you get

The following is part of this product


1 x Seagull #TRX ( telemetry ground station )

1 x Seagull #TTX ( telemetry transmitter for #MAP-X )

1 x TTX link cable ( connects #TTX and #MAP-X )

1 x Antenna kit ( Type A, matching the selected frequency )

1 x Micro USB power cable for Seagull #TRX


What it is

Details for Seagull #TRX


Dimensions: 45.0mm x 25.0mm x 18.0mm

Weight: 19 grams ( without antenna and micro USB cable )

Voltage: 4.5 – 15 volts ( 5 volts recommended – USB standard voltage )

Details for Seagull #TTX


Dimensions: 45.0mm x 24.5mm x 12.5mm ( without antenna connector )

Weight: 15 grams ( without antenna and link cable )


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