Seagull #GPK – let’s get it running!

Below you will find Seagull #GPK Support.  These sections only cover basic parts from the full manual !

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When connecting to the #MAP-X2 utilize the PORT called LOG with the PURPLE sleeved JST-GH cable. Make sure that #GPK and #MAP-X2 have the same BAUDRATE value in order to function correctly.

When connecting to #RADIO or any other radio equipment – make sure to use the PORT named COM on #GPK. Don’t forget to double check that BAUDRATE for #GPK and #RADIO matches – otherwise the modules will not be able to communicate together. If you are using other radio equipment than Seagull products – ensure that logic levels for interface matches with #GPK at 3.3V.

Rover – operation is selected, connect GREEN sleeved JST-GH cable to your radio equipment.

Base   – operation is selected, connect PURPLE sleeved JST-GH cable to your radio equipment.


Connect the #GPK module that is operating in ROVER mode to the Pixhawk1, Pixhawk2, Pixracer or other ardupilot based flight controllers directly into the GPS marked ports. There is no need to setup any extra configuration, because all the necessary modes are set by #GPK. Please use the port that is called FC on the #GPK when connecting to the flight controller.

Please note that on older flight controllers that are not capable to adjust higher BAUDRATES than 115200, might limit the maximum navigational frequency of #GPK when functioning as ROVER in PPK mode.

To determine what Seagull #GPK is currently doing – simply read the output of the LEDS and tables below:

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