Seagull #REC – let’s get it running !

Below you will find support for Seagull #REC.

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Setting up and using #REC is very simple. It can be controlled via transmitter or flight controller. Below you will find a table that illustrates #REC functions, which channels they are allocated to and the values for engaging the functions.

Connect the servo cable by following the colored polarity markings on Seagull #REC and connect the other end of the servo cable to your Receiver / Flight Controller, with the correct polarity.

Please refer to the manual of your specific R/C radio system or Flight Controller to find out more about how to connect accessories and which ports to utilize.

If connecting to a Flight Controller – ensure that the there is power throughout rails as most of the controllers by default do not output any. It is recommended to use external supply such as BEC or other power source – do not exceed manufacturers specified maximum input voltages for the systems in use.

Mission Planner

If you wish to trigger Seagull #REC from a Flight Controller, setting it up in Mission Planner is straight forward.
Start Mission Planner and follow the steps below:

DJI Assistant 2

#REC can be controller via DJI A3 flight controller. It is very easy to setup automated flight photo capturing via DJI Assistant 2 software. For controlling more features of #REC an expansion kit is required, since by default it is not possible to utilize other F ports and bind them to the channels of LB transmitters.

Below is an example of integrating #REC and configuring via DJI Assistant 2:

To determine the current state of Seagull #REC – simply read the output of the LED and reference it to the table below:

     Videos for Seagull #REC

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