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Setting up Seagull #IR could not be easier! Simply select the channel that the device is plugged into and trim the LOW/HIGH values for that channel, until desired modes are met – refer to the table below:


Example with Seagull #IR configured to CH7 on a Taranis X9D transmitter:


Connect the servo cable by following the polarity markings on Seagull #IR and connect the other end of servo cable to your Receiver / Flight Controller, with the correct polarity.

Please refer to the manual of your specific R/C radio system or Flight Controller to find out more about how to connect accessories and what ports to utilize.

NOTE: for Pixhawk users – #IR is powered by Pixhawks power rail ( the middle pin + ). Ensure that the rail is powered by BEC or other power source ranging from 3.5-5.5 volts in order for Seagull #IR to function properly.

Voltage: 3.5 – 5.5 volts ( 5 volts recommended – do NOT exceed 5.5 volts !! )
Current: 21.50mA max ( when STATE LED is Solid ON – varies when Fading )
Input signal: Standard R/C PWM between 1000 – 2000μS

RC receiver IR pixhawk IR

If you wish to trigger Seagull #IR from a Flight Controller, setting it up in Mission Planner is also straight forward. Start Mission Planner and follow the steps below.


“SHUTTER” – in the drop down list, chose the channel that Seagull #IR is connected to.

“PUSHED” – Set the value for the Picture mode


“NOT PUSHED” – Set the value “1500” ( Neutral state – see table above )

“DURATION” – Set the value “10”

( values may vary depending on your camera )


Example from Mission Planner:

Mission planner IR

To determine what state Seagull #IR is currently in – simply read the output of the “LED” and match it with the “Action” in the table below.



The following table shows the LED readout for the different states / modes.


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