Seagull #TRX – let’s get it running !

Below you will find support for Seagull #TRX, for a more thorough guide please refer to the full manual.

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The configuration of channel and address is defined by #MAP-X inside micro SD card in CONFIG.txt file.

It is recommended to adjust address or channel values depending if there are other modules that run on same channel 433MHz / 915MHz therefore different values must be set for either of the modules to assure that no interruption to either unit occurs.

#TRX unit can be reset and returned to default values by holding the reset button and following instruction on the OLED display or by simply deleting the CONFIG.txt file from #MAP-X if both the units were previously bound together and initiated successfully then #MAP-X will reset both of the units and generate a new CONFIG.txt file with default values, which are channel 0 and address 0.


Below table shows units configured to run on 433MHz and 915MHz frequencies.

Below is the table to show how to calculate the value you have to add into CONFIG.txt for channel in order to adjust to desirable frequency. The tables show values set for 433MHz with channel value of 23 and 915MHz with channel value of 150.

config table explained

The #TRX kit includes #TTX unit that has to be connected to the #MAP-X in order to stream the data to ground unit #TRX.

Simply connect flat ribbon cable that comes in the #TRX kit to #TTX and other end to #MAP-X and you are ready to go!
Refer to the connection image example below:

reset buttonIf an error occurs and #MAP-X is not able to communicate to #TRX, simply hold the RESET button on #TRX to return it to default parameters and restart the #MAP-X unit. After 20 seconds #MAP-X will reset itself and both of the units will start binding.



TRX OLED antenna cutBelow is #TRX status icons that are shown on the OLED display to indicate what #MAP-X is currently doing and the current state.




Troubleshooting table TRX v3 final

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#TRX – Feature overview

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